Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Recent Purchases

You may return your www.orbys.com.au purchase for any reason within 10 days of receipt of the item for refund or exchange if the returned item is sent in new, unopened condition.

If you purchased through a re-seller you must contact the independent retailer regarding their return and exchange policies.

If you purchased your Orby product directly from www.orbys.com.au and would like to return your product  contact us. Please note that your Orby product must be in like new condition with all packaging components and inserts. Please read our return policy.

Product Warranty Claims

Orbys products have a 12 month guarantee (from date of purchase) to be free from defects in material and workmanship, batteries not included. We will repair or replace, at our option, the product without charge (postage and postal insurance are the responsibility of the consumer). Proof of purchase from an authorised Orbys dealer must accompany the return.
Please read our warranty policy.

Please note: Only Orbys® purchased directly from Orbys.com.au or from an Authorized Dealer carry any warranty. eBay sellers are not Authorised Orbys® Dealers and any Orbys® sold on eBay are without warranty.

Warranty Statement

All Orbys products have a 12 month (from the date of purchase) warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. A copy of the original sales receipt from an Authorised Orbys Reseller must accompany your return. Damage occurred through unintended use of the product is not covered under the one year warranty.

Please note that all postage, insurance and shipping costs are your responsibility. We recommend that you ship using some traceable method that can provide proof of delivery.

What is NOT covered by warranty:

  • clear misuse of the product
  • where the product has not been kept in reasonable condition
  • soiled or damaged either intentionally or accidentally
  • where the product has been attacked by the family pet resulting in damage in any form

Refund or Exchange

Refunds and Exchanges are available only for items purchased through the Orbys.com.au online store. These claims must be made within 10 days of receipt. Any returns or exchanges must be sent back in new condition. If you would like to return or exchange an item you have received in the last 10 days please contact us.

I want to return my Orby item for a warranty claim. What should I do?
1. Please read the WARRANTY STATEMENT above
2. Orbys.com.au is not responsible for any freight costs for warranty claims. Please include $9.95 cheque per item for the return shipping costs.
3. The Orby product warranty is for “defects in materials and workmanship.” Any damage that occurs from use outside of what is intended by the product manufacturer, as determined by our warranty department will NOT be covered by the warranty and your damaged item will be returned to you using the $9.95 included with your return for return freight. The warranty is limited to Orbys products only.
4. Orbys.com.au is only responsible for returns received by our warehouse. We strongly encourage all customers to send returned items through a method where proof of delivery is available. Any lost or damaged shipment is the responsibility of the consumer for any necessary claims.
5. In the event that the returned product is no longer available, Orbys.com.au will replace with a similar item of equal or greater value.
6. Please contact us to file your warranty claim.

Have a warranty question?

We would love to hear from you. To contact us with a warranty question, please click here.